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It may be true that interest in playing and developing mobile games has peaked, although personally I very much like mobile gaming. On the flip side is the fact that studios like NCsoft and Nexon are investing heavily in mobile development, and games like Forsaken World Mobile are giving us hope that online RPGs are still seeking to break into the market.

Mobile gaming is so dang convenient, especially when I find myself away from a computer with a few minutes of nothing else to do. Waiting for my kids to get out of school? Spending quality time in the bathroom? Curled up in bed before sleep? All prime mobile gaming time.

It’s been a deep desire of mine, then, to see a crop of good mobile MMOs spring up. While there certainly have been some, including the highly lauded Order & Chaos and all of Spacetime Studio’s library, nothing has given me the same taste and pop that I get from a computer. Fortunately for me and other mobile gaming lovers, there are many up-and-coming titles in the MMO genre to watch. Will one of these be the game of our dreams? Let’s take a look at the lineup and see if there’s some promise here.

1. Order and Chaos Online 2: Redemption

Having just been announced, Order and Chaos Online 2 isn’t revealing all its secrets quite yet. However, the fact that a sequel to perhaps the most popular straight-up mobile MMO is reason enough to get excited. The new game takes place hundreds of years after the events of the first game. Will Gameloft continue to shamelessly rip off World of Warcraft or will it draw from other MMOs as well for this title? Time will tell!

2. ArcheAge Mobile

A mobile version of the hit fantasy themepark ArcheAge is in the works, with XLGAMES and Gamevil collaborating to make the spin-off. Few details are known at present other than the game will use Unreal Engine 4 and will be distributed worldwide by Gamevil.

“The mobile version of ArcheAge will combine XLGAMES’ development with Gamevil’s service to provide the ultimate mobile MMORPG experience,” the announcement stated.

3. Lineage II Mobile

Lineage II isn’t exactly a smash hit in the west, although it’s doing quite well in Asia. But could a mobile version draw in the North American and European crowds?  NCsoft is obviously hoping so, as it’s pouring money in to getting this in your hot little hands by 2016. Lineage II Mobile (development name: Project S) is confirmed to be an MMO with features such as guild wars and the blood alliance system. Even more interesting is the possibility that the mobile version will have some sort of cross-platform compatibility with the PC game.

4. Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is spinning down into maintenance mode later this year, but that doesn’t mean that the game is going to lose all relevance. A mobile version of the MMO is in the works for both iOS and Android and should be coming out some time in 2016. Nexon is helping with this project, and the team has said that it will incorporate some improvements into the 13-year-old game such as a better battle system and new character art.

5. Firefly Online

You can’t take the sky from me… especially if I hold it in my paws. A mostly-single player, slightly multiplayer version of the cult classic sci-fi series Firefly is deep in development for mobile. Players will be able to pilot their own ship, make missions for others, and encounter the entire TV cast (all of whom have returned to reprise their roles).

6. Dragon of Legends

Horribly dull name, yes, but this pixelated MMO might be the ticket to a whole lot of fun. It promises cross-platform play with the PC and is inspired by Gaelic and Norse mythology. I’m rooting for this title based on its look; I’m such a sucker for retro-style mobile games.

7. Dragon Nest 2: Legend

Dragon Nest isn’t just a single MMO but an entire franchise at this point, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Dragon Nest 2 is in the works. This game already looks pretty impressive, with decent visuals and action combat to boot.

8. Albion Online

One of the coolest things about the development of this upcoming sandbox is that Albion Online is being made for both PC and tablets. That’s right: It won’t work on smartphones (the developers said that it would simply be too small) but it will be playable on an iOS or Android tablet meeting the required specs.

9. Aion Legions

Speaking of tablets, the popular Aion will be making the jump to both iOS and Android devices with Aion Legends. This spin-off MMO will contain some of the elements of the fantasy game, including raids and PvP encounters.

10. Pixel Starships

Again, yes, I am a complete sucker for games being made with gorgeous pixel art, but Pixel Starships goes one better by allowing players to create and run a spaceship and crew as they explore a massively multiplayer universe. I have to caution myself not to get too excited. I fear it is too late.

Everyone likes a good list, and we are no different! Perfect Ten takes an MMO topic and divvies it up into 10 delicious, entertaining, and often informative segments for your snacking pleasure. Got a good idea for a list? Email us at or with the subject line “Perfect Ten.”
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