The Daily Grind: Do you ever play MMOs in synergistic pairs?


I’ve noticed a pattern in my MMO play the last year or so. Ever since jumping into Star Wars Galaxies Legends last year, I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and housing content there, as that’s what it’s best at. But its combat still leaves a lot to be desired, so I often find myself gravitating away from my favorite MMOs with a lot of building or fluff content, like Trove and Elder Scrolls Online, and toward MMOs with more combat-centric play.

That’s meant Guild Wars 2 and City of Heroes have been the beneficiaries of my combat play more than anything this year, and I think it’s because they fill a hole in SWGL for me, while on the flipside of that, I haven’t had a whole lot of urge to go back to Ultima Online, which was also heavy on “lifeskiller” types of content.

Do you ever play MMOs in pairs or combination that have a specific sort of synergy?

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Well, I occasionally pair Warframe with anything, now it’s FFXIV, Usually I just farm one faction standing until it hits daily limits, and then do another thing with FFXIV, go back to shooting some more missions on warframe, and then do wondrous tails or something else

Not always in that particular order :P


Hmm. Occasionally. I tend to devote stretches of time to a single game so that I can focus. My mind has a tendency to wander if I don’t stick to one game. Heh. I’m sure that means something.

But not to long ago I was playing BnS and Black Desert at the same time. It was great actually. The games don’t really compliment each other but I was having a good time in both.

Unfortunately, time usually will not permit me the indulgence.

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I have almost always played either a Trinity or Duo of MMO’s in a synergistic fashion. For me it has always allowed me to prevent burnout as well as allowing genre cross from fantasy to sci fi and back and forth etc.

Grim? Darhk

Sometimes! And then sometimes i try to play games like WoW and 14 at the same time, and I regret all of my life choices.

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I have not, but I’m considering doing just that when Pantheon comes out, assuming it meets my expectations. I’ll be playing WoW for what I consider its best content: instanced dungeons and raids. Meanwhile, I’d be playing Pantheon for the challenging open world that MMOs in general left behind a long time ago. If I can find time for both of them, anyway, which is another problem all together.


With MMOs I always stuck with just one at a time.

I was/am a firm believer that the more you put in, the more you get out of an MMO. If I’m not fully engaged with an MMO, then I may as well be playing a different genre because other genres have a lot to offer. But if I fully commit, take the time to build up a guild, build relationships and work with the community, then playing the game becomes a superior experience to any other genre out there.

That amount of effort going into the game means that there can only be one. There’s not enough time in the day for more than one, and spending any less time results in a poor experience.

Toy Clown

I fell into that when enough MMOs were released to have choices. Back “when” everyone had less than a handful of choices, there wasn’t any need to bounce around MMOs. I think the result of that was stronger communities as well, but another topic.

I currently play AA:U and FFXIV. My synergetic pair may not seem that way, but I love AA:U for the sheer amount of things I can do that draw me in. From decorating my houses, earning gold through a craft and commerce, some of the dailies I do that I find engaging as they add to my gold supply, slowly chunking away at goals, etc. Goals aren’t really out-of-reach in AA:U like they are in other MMOs for me.

However, the RP community fell apart and split across servers during the long queues and other things at luanch, leaving the faction on my server with hardly any RPers. So I gave up on RPing in AA:U.

That’s where FFXIV comes in. While it also has crafting and housing, I’m in the process of getting all my crafts and gatherers to 80. Sitting at 60 now and in the process of gathering supplies. It’s very monotonous and not engaging at all, so it’s a slow process as I work on it an hour every 1 or 2 days. I love housing, but I’m resigned myself to never having anything larger than an apartment and it’s been fully decorated for a while, so I don’t even have the pleasure of doing that. I can no longer do high-level combat content in FFXIV due to pain issues and the new complexity they brought in with ShB, either.

What FFXIV has that AA:U doesn’t have is a thriving, massive RP community. What AA:U has that FFXIV doesn’t have is engaging content that doesn’t set off pain issues when I game. And that is why I play AA:U and FFXIV together.

Hikari Kenzaki

Okay… I read the headline and thought it was a totally different question about player pairs and matching characters/classes/abilities.

I was like… “Uh… have you met us?”


Not really, I focus on one game at a time; adulting leaves you with not a lot of free time between working full time, recovering from the physical toll of said job which can some times lead me to as much as 2 days recovery from fatigue and pain, running errands, house keeping, spending quality time with my wife, having time to read Comic Books, having time to watch my small handful of shows I give a damn about.


Yeah…the pigtails follow me where ever I go…

“I don’t think that’s what Ms. Bree means by ‘synergistic pairs’, Uta.”

…well they do follow me into WoW, Retail and B&S. But I play those games one after other with a different objective and narratives in mind. If that makes any sense. >.<