The MOP Up: Skyforge gets toxic (in a good way)


Just because the newest area in Skyforge is described as a “toxic wasteland” doesn’t mean that you should change your vacation plans. Gullible players are still needed to scout this terrain and learn all they can about an insidious enemy.

“Tight now there is nothing but scorched earth, toxic swamps, deadly fumes, and the Phytonides that feel right at home in this environment,” the team said. “Among all the chaos, intelligence discovered relatively safe spots where important information can be obtained.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Meet Nostos, a “PC and VR cross-platform multiplayer survival game with an open-world where elements of Oriental animated films are incorporated.” This $20 title is getting praise for its looks but criticism for a very buggy launch.

Closers Online is getting downright domestic with homestyle outfits for each of its characters.

Blizzard isn’t happy with a new exploit that was plaguing Diablo III and moved swiftly to shut that down. “Players found using this mechanic may have their accounts suspended or closed, based on severity of abuse as well as previous account history,” it said.

What is Starbase up to lately? The dev team is working on a variety of projects, including a mining backpack, a new Company recruitment UI, and a test to allow carriers to hold at least a single fighter ship.

Mobile MMO Spiritwish’s latest update added the spirit system, the Barbarian and Monk classes, a Christmas event, decorations, and more. (Source: press release)

PixARK’s Thanksgiving is over. OVER, do you hear me?

The Division 2 is sorry for longer-than-expected patch maintenance and is offering compensation: “All players who log in before December 31st will receive an additional three keys for the Silent Night apparel event.”

Gamigo’s sci-fi shooter Ironsight is coming to Steam on December 18th. This will coincide with the release of its “Recovery” update.

Heimdallr is bringing the horny helmets to SMITE as the game’s newest deity fighter.

APB: Reloaded is moving to a new EU datacenter, and it’s kind of a mess right now.

Ready to get Christmasy with Pokémon? Pokémon Go has several holiday events prepped for you. “Get cozy, Trainers—it’s going to be a long list full of cool gifts from us to you!”

“In NosTale Act 7: The Orcs and the Celestial Spire, the tropical island of Moritius awaits you full of mystery and adventure:”

Get a sneak peek at Astroneer’s next update:

Armored Warfare continued its American Dream season with the release of the Last Patriot Battle Path:

NetEase’s newest MOBA, Extraordinary Ones, is scheduled to launch in early 2020. “At launch, 36 wacky and over-the-top heroes will be available, many of whom are abstracted from oriental mythology such as Taurell (The Monkey King’s sworn brother):”

Osiris New Dawn is counting down to its latest update, which will include a multiplayer vehicle overhaul:


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