Global Chat: How New World and Star Wars Galaxies are linked

It's a whole new... yeah.

New World and Star Wars Galaxies aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence together, unless you’re reading MMO blog Unidentified Signal Source. The author recently tried out the New World beta and came away with an intriguing comparison point.

“In the most general sense, it feels like a very different flavor of Star Wars Galaxies at the moment. This is very heavily driven by the economy itself. I haven’t seen anything so similar to the player-driven SWG economy in a long time, and I like that. It’s really not that hard to find yourself with a bunch of random stuff and there’s only a few things you can do with it. Use it to craft, store it, sell it to other players, or salvage it.”

Reap what you sow.

MMO Gypsy has some advice for incoming FFXIV players: “As someone who is in FFXIV for its wider allures and relaxed atmosphere, I’ve personally come to love the MSQ. Between following the story as well as enjoying dungeons and raids, exploration, housing and glamour endgame (the real endgame *cough*), I feel the game achieves a great balance between different activities.”

And Tales of the Aggronaut is sharing stories of FFXIV’s weird Cactuar server: “During Stormblood, there was a random day when someone was shouting to the entire zone in the Loch’s talking about the Dodo Appreciation Society and giving everyone a Dodo minion that would come up and open a trade window. Similarly we have a player who has been travelling around the zones offering everyone a pet rat.”

Why is EVE Online suddenly handing out free currency? Ancient Gaming Noob has a few thoughts on this: “In addition, at least for me, the whole thing was kind of strange because I cannot recall any MMORPG that I have ever played that had a daily login reward that just straight up handed you the basic in-game currency.”

Digital Visceral took us on a screenshot tour of Fallout 76: “Against all expectations, Fallout 76 has become a gaming staple around here. I’ve been playing it almost daily for over a month now, and it’s even managed to hold my partner’s interest for a similar amount of time.”

And Beyond Tannhauser Gate looks at a phenomenon that may affect a lot more of us than we admit: “One thing I’ve noticed about my gaming behaviors over the past year has been what I am terming ‘serial starting characters’. The idea is basically that I tend to restart games repeatedly, and when I restart, I am always running a new character.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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