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We’ve certainly remarked several times on Massively OP how much like an MMO Master X Master is, even though it firmly checks the “MOBA” box on its census form. With so much similarity and bleedover between the gameplay genres, is there something that MMOs can learn from this title?

Occasional Hero seems to think so and has pulled out three lessons from his experience, including altaholic pride: “As someone who loves playing an army of alts rather than a single character, I really like the idea of a game with a whole bunch of characters that I can switch between as I feel like it. It’s one of the reasons why I love Marvel Heroes so much, despite the fact that the gameplay revolves around doing the same content over and over. And the reason why playing a bunch of different characters/classes is fun in a game like Marvel Heroes or Master X Master is that they each have a unique gimmick.”

Join us for more interesting MMO discussions from gaming blogs after the break, including a strange revival for EverQuest Online Adventures, a new way to experience World of Warcraft, and first steps into Secret World Legends!

You want some secret world? It'll cost you. Secret World Legends

“There are times I get stumped or frustrated. However, I am having fun, a lot of fun. Things feel more oriented for soloing the story. This beautiful world is unique in a MMO type setting. The world is so beautiful in a creepy and dark way, if you stop to look at all the details and love that were put into the game. I really have to stop and appreciate it as I go through the story, looking around at everything. As a huge Walking Dead and Stranger Things fan I love it.”

EverQuest Online Adventures: I’ve been building an EQOA-based board game

“Over the past few weeks, I have been building out an EQOA board game. I have tons of spreadsheets with various data that I’ll share some screencaps of […] Here are some photos of the concepts for boards and cards. A friend and I have been play testing, adjusting numbers and editing the gameplay. I’ll keep you all posted on how this is going and eventually I’ll share out the instructions and spreadsheets so that you can play to. It’s worth noting that after four hours of play, we made it to level nine and were on our way to Forkwatch before getting our asses handed to us by a werelion.

The Bearded Minstrel: How LOTRO changed my life

“I remember the day that would change my life forever very clearly. The morning had been a rather stormy one and I was rather hesitant to drive. I was farming Gauredan in Talvi-Muri when I noticed that the Gauredan weren’t spawning when they should be. I looked around and found the reason. There had been a little hobbit guardian farming in the same area […] I exclaimed to her how close I was when I saw my trade window open. She quickly placed all the rep items she had farmed with me into the window and clicked confirm. I asked her why she was doing this and she told me she farmed a lot and she wanted to help me be the first. I was the first, for what it’s worth and this is still my most treasured horse.”

Nothing is ever straightforward.

Endgame Viable: Heavensward completed

“Interestingly, Heavensward ended in a distinctly different way than A Realm Reborn did. ARR ended on a cliffhanger, and Heavensward could in many ways be considered a direct sequel. In contrast, Heavensward ended in a way that tied up most of the loose ends, allowing Stormblood to begin a fairly new standalone story.”

MMO Bro: Four things western MMOs can learn from the east

“Both western and eastern MMOs are perhaps a bit too hung-up on the high fantasy genre, but it seems to me as if there tends to be a bit more flavor in the settings of Eastern games. There’s a certain alien feeling to the worlds of eastern MMOs that you don’t just find anywhere else. The creatures are stranger, the landscapes more otherworldly, and the cultures more fantastical. There’s often a strong magitech influence that you don’t see as much of in western titles, which hew closer to traditional fantasy archetypes.”

Superior Realities: Salute the dark

“Therefore, playing with the Inky Black Potion almost feels like playing an entirely new game, at least visually. Everything takes on a totally different character. Val’sharah is somewhat pretty in daylight, but it’s breathtaking in total darkness. The soft glow of lanterns, the bright wisps fluttering through dark branches, the shafts of gleaming moonlight… it’s enchanting.”

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Holy smokes, if people haven’t read the Bearded Minstrel story by clicking through, YOU GOTTA. It’s an amazing story.