Massively OP Podcast Episode 250: Blue Mage Christmas


On this week’s show, Bree and Justin dig into FFXIV and Guild Wars 2’s newest patches, look ahead to what’s coming in the next year with MMORPGs, and a couple of interesting listener questions about controls and meaningful choices.

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I solve the control problem by using a gaming keypad. For all the games I play, I try to map my gaming keypad to be as similar to all my other games as I can. I no longer care if the game supports keybinding, nor do I care if the inventory key is ‘I’, ‘B’, or anything else. In all my games, the inventory key is always G12! This makes coming back to a game a lot easier, because so many of the controls are the same across all my games.

Getting a gaming keypad (my choice, 8 years ago, was the Logitech G13) was one of the best gaming decisions I ever made.

P.S. Justin, my daughter loved your joke.