The MOP Up: Razer accidentally exposes 100,000 consumer accounts


Razer, a popular provider of gaming hardware, joined the notorious list of companies that accidentally exposed their consumer’s personal information to the world. While credit card info and passwords were not shared, 100,000 customers had other details revealed.

“Names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, billing addresses, shipping addresses, and details on what people bought were all leaked, in a way that even search engines picked up,” reported Rock Paper Shotgun.

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

APB Reloaded dumped a huge patch on September 16th with big changes to clothing and bundles, as well as a balance pass for many of the game’s weapons.

“The very first annual World Esports Day will be held on Saturday October 24th 2020,” said the British Esports Association in a press release. “The global campaign aims to unite the esports community and celebrate all things competitive gaming, from the tournaments to streams, games and players themselves, and everything in-between.”

Part 1 of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event is going on in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We expect there will be a Part 2 later on.

In an interview, EA said that its recent restructuring of its Access and Origin systems is designed to “create a more frictionless, fast, socially-oriented experience for our players, where it becomes the best place for them to connect with the people they want to play with in the games they want to play.”

This weekend, Wizard101 is running its Beastmoon Monster Mayhem event.

Destiny 2 is going to let you customize your Ghosts: “To allow Ghosts to truly shine as the useful and interesting companions we’d like them to be, we decided it was time to give them a bit of an overhaul.”

Text-based MMO Starmourn is planning a class balance pass, a Xenohunt event, and a new planet called Rama, according to their newsletter. Thanks Panagiotis!

Congrats to Stardew Valley, which just saw its 1,000,000th download on iOS, and its 1,000,000th download on Google Play!

“Pearl Abyss announced today that a 5vs5 Deathmatch mode has been introduced in Shadow Arena. Players can take this opportunity to practice a new Hero and enhance their teamfighting skills without worrying about rankings.”

Let’s dig into the bag of small patches and see who pops out this week! We’ve got one from Ultima Online and one from Starbase.

Returning to Guild Wars 2 in 2020? One YouTuber provided a story catch-up summary:

The MMO industry pumps out more and more news every year – no site could possibly cover everything. That’s why we gather together all the extras every week in The MOP Up, our a weekly compilation of MMO info we don’t want lost in the cracks of time. Send us your news bits through our tips line!

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