The MOP Up: Phantasy Star Online 2 hands out more treats than tricks


Phantasy Star Online 2 fans can log in this week to enjoy a nice burst of additional content, including the fourth and fifth chapters for Episode 5, the Halloween event, a couple of new campaigns, and a pair of trick-or-treat urgent quests.

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

“Mutant Orcs have infiltrated Aden,” Lineage II announced. “And if their scary looks aren’t enough, they are polluting the air with their flatulence!”

If you promote your Elder Scrolls Online guild in a creative way, you could win fabulous prizes!

Elder Scrolls Blades released Patch 1.9, which included its new quest map.

Legends of Runeterra has a whole lot more cards for you to collect: “Monuments of Power features 40 collectible cards, including 3 champions—Shyvana, Soraka, and Tahm Kench—as well as a variety of new features and content across the game.”

Terraria’s final, final patch finally arrived. It’s a bittersweet moment!

Conan Exiles put out a hotfix to address a few issues and shut down an exploit.

Dive deep in to Path of Exile’s Heist lore with this spoiler-filled post.

Spellbreak is going to be releasing its new Chapter system soon, but what is that? Glad you asked, because the team is on deck to explain it.

The Written in Uncertainty podcast interviewed Elder Scrolls Online Loremaster Leamon Tuttle about “what lore is, Sotha Sil & the Tribunal, Antiquities, Argonians, the joy of Nietzsche & much more.”

Riders of Icarus is the latest eastern MMO to get a mobile spin-off, thanks to the announcement of Icarus Eternal.

“The MU Origin 2 team has organized the Returning Warrior Event to welcome back warriors who have previously explored the MU Continent with special gifts. It will be a month-long event, where players will be rewarded with plenty of items through the completion of simple quests until November 8th.” Thus sayeth the press release.

“My.Games has purchased a minority stake in hyper-casual mobile developer-publisher Mamboo Games for an undisclosed fee,” reports Gamasutra.

Conqueror’s Blade rolled out Season 5: “Inspired by the era of the mighty Byzantine Empire, this new season invites warlords to rage across the realm of Anadolou to uncover forgotten tales of the past, recruit powerful fire-wielding units, and unlock exclusive seasonal rewards.”

Get into the lore of Star Wars Squadrons with “Count to Three,” a short story. After that, zip over to Overwatch to read a new Tracer comic.

The Cycle pushed out Release 19: “Projectile speed has been increased and upgrades have been tweaked. Plus a little something coming up: are you ready to become King of the Zeal?”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released a new map. With a volcano: “Paramo’s dangers are plentiful, but none so dangerous as the active volcano nearby whose molten lava streams flow across the land.”

“Big map. Big dinosaurs. Big guns. With friends or solo, you face an ever-changing threat level. Second Extinction is an online FPS with bite.” Hey, I’m sold!

Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning is limiting attendance in forts. Trust us, it’s for a good reason.

How fast do items degrade in Dark Age of Camelot? Find out this and more in the most recent grab bag!

Borderlands 3’s second season pass will include “the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut DLCs, which each offer new modes and ways to play.”

Habbo put out a press release saying that at the 20-year mark, the title’s racked up a total of 316 million registered avatars in 115 different countries.

Eternal Return is an anime-infused battle royale that just went into early access, if you’re starved for such a thing!

Aura Kingdom revealed its new Star Caller class:

Excited about Cyberpunk 2077’s launch next month? Fuel that excitement with this new video:

Here’s what’s going on with Starbase’s alpha test these days:

The MMO industry pumps out more and more news every year – no site could possibly cover everything. That’s why we gather together all the extras every week in The MOP Up, our a weekly compilation of MMO info we don’t want lost in the cracks of time. Send us your news bits through our tips line!

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Why not just tell us what the additional content was instead of everyone having to click an external link. I’ve noticed over the past year y’all are writing cliff hanger articles that the user has to click an external link to check out. I miss when this was an actual gaming news site :/ the article gave next to no information. I’m guessing it’s an extra comm8sion thing to click the link.

Bruno Brito

I miss when this was an actual gaming news site :/

One goddamn click and “not an actual gaming news site”?

Aren’t you fickle. Also, as Justin pointed out, you didn’t read.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Are you… are you in the MOP Up roundup complaining because it’s a roundup? And because unlike the majority of websites, we actually link to our sources? You know this is the post where we put all the stuff we didn’t write full articles on right? And we’ve been running it every week for the last five years? Because we wrote 120 other articles this week but we didn’t want to not at least mention these for our readers? And that linking to dev blogs and press releases and YouTube videos (i.e., sources) doesn’t grant commissions because that’s not how any of this works, but even if it were, you could hover the links and see that for yourself?