The MMO Book Club votes between Guild Wars 2, Secret World Legends, DCUO, EverQuest, RuneScape, ArcheAge, and WoW

Hey, remember the MMO Book Club? That’s the Reddit-and-Discord group that allows members to vote on a game to play, then organizes a guild and events inside that game over the allotted time period, ensuring that folks who want to try out an MMORPG have a ready-made community of likeminded casual people who aren’t going to immediately scamper off to greener pastures. You scamperers, you.

To date, the Club has dipped into Lord of the Rings Online (which we streamed!), WildStar, The Elder Scrolls Online, and TERA, the reigning champ. As the group enters its second half-year, it’s opened the voting once again; that takes place in Discord to avoid brigading.

“The shortlist of games you can vote on to play with the Bookclub now are: Guild Wars 2, Secret World Legends, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, RuneScape, ArcheAge, World of Warcraft and TERA.” (Voting for TERA extends the current cycle another month instead of moving the crew to a new game.)

“The Bookclub’s been through a lot of changes recently to reflect what our community wants, including reducing the cycle length from three months to one, and appointing a new team of mods and community leaders,” founder Laezur explains in a press release out today. Guys, they put out press releases. With assets. There are whole MMO studios that don’t put out press releases. This is not a fly-by-night thing. Give this one a look-see.

Source: Press release, Reddit, Discord
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Bryan Turner

Seems weird to leapfrog from game to game, if your community votes on a game and likes it then they should stay as long as they like.

Kickstarter Donor

I feel the same way, but I usually play my “main” MMOs for years at a time. So anything less seems like “MMO hopping” IMO. I guess there’s no rule saying you have to move on although most of the rest of the community probably would do so.


This is for ultra casual types, and i’m talking ULTRA casual. They just want to experience a bit of the world, and then move on to something new to experience.


Wondering how’s the EU population of the Club? I’m EU based (Ireland) and had a bit of a hard time playing on the US servers in DCUO as not too many people were online when I was on (which is pretty late, generally 10pm-midnight, but apparently too early for US).

Melissa McDonald

Guild Wars 2 should be next. I think it’s a fantastic game for people who are done with LOTRO, or like LOTRO more than most MMOs, and are looking for a replacement. It runs well on older hardware, is fun to play, looks nice, and gives you a lot of reason to try out “alts”, because most classes are fun and different enough to play that you would want to try them.

Mike Pieniaszek

Guild wars 2 is a great game. but sadly it takes them forever to fix bugs, and even when they fix them they often reappear.

ever since the gtx 10 series came out , there has been a bug in guild wars that would cause artifacting shadows in certain areas of the game, ive experienced it in a total of 6 zones in the same area of the zone each time i pass it.

there has been a forum thread about flickering/artifacting shadows for several months now. which the gw2 devs did admit is an issue with the 10 series graphics cards and there game, which appears more commonly with the 1070 units.

sadly no fix as of yet. was hoping with a fix when pof launched but sadly no, and the bug also appears in 2 areas in the new maps as well

i am only writing this due to the fact that although guild wars 2 is a beyond awesome game, great for people bored with wow or lotro. it does have its flaws, and i wanted to point out as many people are buying the 1070s with the recent price drops (due to the ti coming out) that this bug exsists and it is not there systems if they see it

Melissa McDonald

are you using the 64 bit client?

Mike Pieniaszek

yeah i am. according to the main thread on the issue the only way for it not to happen in said areas is to turn the shadows off and wait for a fix