The PAX West City of Heroes and Ashes of Creation panels are a go


A few weeks back, we reported on the City of Heroes-themed panel coming to PAX West in Seattle at the beginning of September. With the release of the PAX schedule on Friday, we can confirm that it is indeed happening on Sunday, September 3rd, at 8 p.m. in the Cat theater, with reps from City of Titans and Ship of Heroes [update: and Valiance Online] in attendance.

“When the venerable MMORPG City of Heroes shut down in 2012, it gave rise to several projects often called spiritual successors. Each of these efforts took the same inspiration, yet have developed very different titles. Join Casey McGeever of Heroic Games, Chad Dulac of Silver Helm and Nathaniel Downes of Missing Worlds Media for a conversation a conversation about the challenges in making the game, the progress so far, and how these games will build on and stand apart from City of Heroes as something different and new while serving the great gameplay and positive gaming community that has been looking for a home.”

While the Valiance Online rep is listed, we’ve been previously informed that Valiance won’t be attending (at least in person) after all. [Amended below!]

There are a few other PAX West panels you may be interested in:

  • Ashes of Creation has a panel humbly titled “Making MMOs Great Again” on Sunday.
  • Final Fantasy XIV will have a big Stormblood presentation on Saturday. It’ll be streamed for those who can’t attend!
  • Guild Wars 2 has a sound design panel planned for Friday. The studio will apparently not be demoing the expansion.
  • Gigantic will host a panel on its character design on Friday as well.
  • Want to be lectured on in-game history? EVE Online and WoW players apparently do. Sunday and Saturday, respectively.

Massively OP will be in Seattle for this show this year — anything you don’t want us to miss?

Source: PAX West. Cheers, cyanpill!
Update: Now Valiance says a rep will be attending as planned, so there you go! All three studios in attendance!
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Grave Knight

2012? Has it been that long already? Might actually start seeing something meaningful from those City of Heroes successors soon.

Valiance Online

Looks like we’ll be at PAX West after all as Chad Dulac, Content/Art Director, will make the Superhero MMORPG panel!

Chad will be discussing Valiance Online, possibly showing an intro video or gameplay footage, and answering all your questions.


I kind of think the CoH panel is a mistake for these studios that haven’t actually launched products yet. This is possibly the first chance these guys are getting to expose their products in person to less informed gamers, and they’re squandering it by making it look like a group of fan projects.

Patreon Donor

Ooof that image is giving me PTSD. First, Ice Tank? Ugh. Might as well be naked. And Tsoo? Good luck chasing down every one of those teleporting, healing bastards.

Patreon Donor

…although there’s clearing some Freezing Rain going on, so maybe it’s a Controller or Defender with the ice ancillary power set? That might make it less agonizing.


Heh, I had forgotten the Tsoo. I actually *don’t* miss those guys!