Eco finishes its Kickstarter with over $200,000 raised


Survival sandbox and learning environment Eco finished out its successful Kickstarter run overnight, raising $202,760 and just reaching its epic justice system stretch goal. Strange Loop GamesJohn Krajewski thanked backers in advance:

So a gigantic thank you to everyone who has believed in the idea of Eco, that games can and should be more than entertainment, and that doing so actually makes them more fun and interesting, and thank you for backing the game and sharing it with your friends, your interest in telling your friends about this game has made a huge difference, making the funding curve just keep going up (it never stalled out like most Kickstarter campaigns do). We’re humbled and excited to be working very closely with everyone throughout development. Time to make something amazing!

Earlier this month, Massively OP’s Andrew Ross explored the game’s design and spoke to Krajewski about the game’s potential as a learning tool. More recently, Krajewski has answered questions on the logistics of bringing Eco into schools.

Part of the financing plans mentions that schools will use a special subscription plan that drastically lowers the cost per student (but obviously requires purchasing the game in bulk), while consumers will pay a higher box price one time with optional content sold later. Does the subscription service give schools access to the additional content? Is there any risk that a student might make purchases in game at school if they were to bring a parent’s credit card information?

Eco’s John Krajewski: We will disable DLC purchases for student accounts; those will be controlled by the schools.

Schools are subscribing to the game, but how does that allow students to play at home? Can students still play at home after their course ends? What if a student owns a retail version of the game; how/will that interact with the school version of the game?

Yep! Students will get permanent copies, most likely. If they have a retail copy already, they’ll have two copies. This is subject to change, though, as we figure out the market more and how to best work with it.

Congrats to the Strange Loop team! Here’s a quick look at the game’s road so far:

Source: Kickstarter
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