Massively OP Podcast Episode 219: The 64-bit generation


On this week’s show, it’s the return of the Bit Wars, as LOTRO and EVE test out their much-needed 64-bit clients. Bree and Justin also dive into a great FFXIV freebie, the downward slide of Blizzard’s financials, Guild Wars’ 14th anniversary, and more!

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If LOTRO goes to 64-bit, is there any chance it will receive a graphics update? How difficult is it to improve the graphics of LOTRO, DDO, etc?

Barnoc N'Draak

Blizzard has become the AOL of online gaming.


Overwatch Workshop is a way to solve the content problem i guess.

About everything-box, Justin talked about BDO and its menus, i recently played Albion Online and it’s a sandbox, the interface of this game and the tutorial island is so well designed, clear and teach you the basics without being tedious.

I think many MMO developers do not understand how important for the interface to be simple and clear, for example Revelation Online, i like this game but the interface is a mess, too many things asking for attention at the same time.

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Another great episode! I am loving all the joy people are experiencing with City Of Heroes’ return.