Global Chat: Can you play WoW Classic casually?


Over at Priest with a Cause, MMO blogger Shintar came up with a great question for those looking to play World of Warcraft’s upcoming special ruleset: Is it possible to play WoW Classic casually? How can you do just that? Considering how many modern gamers are in for a rude awakening when they return to the 2004-era of MMO play, I think it’s a question worth posing.

“The other thing to keep in mind is that everything takes more time,” Shintar writes, “One major example of this are dungeons. What with having to manually put a group together, getting everyone to the instance and the much slower pace of combat, I wouldn’t recommend logging into the game with the intent to do a dungeon if you’ve got less than two hours of free time at your disposal.”

We’ve got a huge assortment of MMO essays for you to digest today, including a look at RIFT, a discussion about progression servers, and the “new hotness” of MMO seasonal passes. Check it out below!

Going Commando: Onslaught expansion announced

“The announcement didn’t include a big CGI trailer — in fact there was no trailer at all, but I assume that at least a basic one is still to come. Either way, substance is more important than style in this case, and there was plenty of the former! We got confirmation that we’ll be getting pretty much all the big ticket items that people have been asking for in recent months, so yay us!”

Inventory Full: Right now and not later in RIFT

“Once again, RIFT proved to be the most generous of all MMORPGs. Half an hour in that ‘raid’ netted me not only a full level and a big chunk of cash but also several pets, three or four pieces of cosmetic gear and a load of useful consumables. I could play GW2 for a month and not get a haul like that. Possibly a year.”

Contains Moderate Peril: When LOTRO gets it right

LOTRO is a twelve-year-old MMO that was designed and created around the technology and prevailing trends of the time. It has been revamped and retooled several times over the years and now exists as a curious online Chimera. Driven by a much loved and lore rich IP, the game is often arbitrary in its mechanics but every now and then, there are flashes of inspiration that do much to redress the balance.”

Dragonchasers: Maybe legacy/progression servers aren’t for me

“In a couple of cases (LOTRO and EQ2) I’ve decided to roll on the progression servers (or as LOTRO calls them, Legendary Servers). My thinking was ‘Hey, it’s a nostalgia trip, might as well go all-in.’ Further thinking was that the games ought to be simpler to get back into on these older builds that don’t have years of expansions layered onto the foundations.”

Misdirections: Forget flying in WoW, when’s the next expansion?

BFA was old and tired almost as soon as it launched, it seems like. Personally, I am not even very excited by the — still distant — prospect of flying, because I know Blizz will cheapen it by making it available only in current zones, not in whatever new ones they introduce. No, those will be Argus all over again — no flying, thick with mobs you have to fight through just to get to quest areas. (Whatever happened to being able to stick to roads and be relatively safe? I guess we probably misunderstood that, too…) No matter how much Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas protests, it’s all about the MAU, baby.”

Hardcore Casual: Season passes are the new hotness and I’m OK with that

“A season pass is somewhat like a return to subscriptions, only that if you don’t pay, you don’t loss total access to the game, you just don’t get the additional content on offer. It’s a better solution for players, so long as enough people buy the pass, and the pass doesn’t have to include Pay4Power items in order to sell. So far I’m not away of a game selling a pass that is P4P, but maybe I missed something, and I’m sure at some point someone will do exactly that with a game that is struggling.”

Altar of Gaming: A beginner’s guide to Old School RuneScape

“Playing OSRS can get complicated, especially for new and inexperienced players. Things such as UI, combat system and skills are so confusing and kinda old, that might get someone to quit pretty quick. So in this guide, I’m willing to make things simple and not very detailed for beginners to avoid confusion and enjoy the deep gameplay.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Exploring Grim Dawn

“In spite of liking the game quite a bit I have never really made it terribly far because I have never played it as a primary game for any length of time.  This has been my ‘go to’ for moments when I feel like playing something LIKE Diablo but not Diablo.  The game does not do much hand holding or explaining of anything…  which is to its detriment given that some of the systems are less than clear.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Bruno Brito

Ye, but i don’t think i will.

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Kind of a dumb topic. You can play any MMO casually.

Malcolm Swoboda

Well I do.

Never past Lv 30s on those servers.


Yeah, of course. You can play anything casually. I’m looking forward to Classic mainly for the leveling experience, personally.

Anthony Clark

Screw that! I’m crushing it up, and snorting that sh*t!

Mainline it baby!

Robert Mann

Depends on what one means by ‘play’. If the meaning is to complete all the content to the top end, then no. Otherwise, certainly.

Now, the bigger question to me is “Should you play WoW-classic casually?” To which each person should have their own answer. Excepting those who really like the combat focus and style, happen to be AH gold max mongers, or who like to ERP in certain inns… I’d say no. Even then the combat focus is weak as a reason, as pretty much every MMO out there does that, and some other options with far more content exist (as equally solid games) at this point.


Definitely, because before I had an account proper I played casually on a friend’s, because dial up internet was incapable of supporting downloads for that game. I remember playing casually. Just like how I remember having a small guild to chit-chat with, to run things with or fill a spot through. How nice it was to be a warlock, or have a warlock around and trading off health stones… sometimes just because I could. Just like I’d conjure up a table of food as a mage in newbie areas whenever I stopped through.

If I do resub to play casually, I know what to expect. I know the steady trot I’d have to deal with, I know the questline as a paladin where I had to hunt down a dead dwarf to resurrect them, or having to run Shadowfang for my weapon. Or heck, the time I spent on my Blood Elf Paladin soloing the dungeon at my high 30s and early 40s for rare drops to sell, or just to help others through it–same as I had done at level 20 for Ragefire Chasm. I know the work it took to unlock the Paladin class mount, and how slow gold is to gain. And I’m happy with that, because it was a point in time where gold wasn’t some absurdest commodity that had less attached to earning it and more of what increasingly gaudy thing can I throw gold at for. Just like I’m fine with not melting mobs, or as has been the issue with the game upon BfA’s release, mobs melting you because of some whack-job scaling implementation.

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For the next BFA patch I believe once you unlock flying you CAN fly in Narjatar, can’t recall if Mechagon is the same.

You CAN play casual in WOW Classic. I did. I wasn’t super interested in dungeons and all their snazzy gear. I liked running around the world, finding meat and fish to cook, working on my professions just exploring in general. So, Yes, it can be done. Just adjust your expectations.

Nate Woodard

Define casual. I’m going to play WoW Classic and not be in a rush to get to endgame. I’m going to enjoy the experience and savor the moment.

Kickstarter Donor

That depends entirely on how you define the term “casually” in this context.

For me, the answer is a resounding yes. I played it casually in 04 when it launched, and off and on ever since, with each expansion.

It’s curious to me how many people are acting like Vanilla is some long forgotten version of the game, as if ~75% of the people who will be playing it haven’t been playing it on private emulators for YEARS…