Sci-fi exploration MMO Population Zero opens founder packs for September closed beta

Slightly higher than zero.

If you’re bored with modern themeparks, take a peek at this classic-MMO-inspired sandboxy title from developer Enplex Games: It’s Population Zero, and it’s headed to closed beta on September 18th, which is pretty quick turnaround, as we’ve been covering the game for less than a year and it’s been in alpha only since March of 2019.

“Players of all stripes will love the uniqueness of Population Zero as it takes familiar features and gives them a unique touch. Whether it’s the action-based combat system, the tech trees and building systems, the PvP/PvE environment, the robust multi-disciplinary crafting system, or the unique perk system, players will find a lot to love in the game. Freedom is key in Population Zero as players land on Kepler, a single planet hosting alien species that can be examined, befriended, or fought. While there are two factions, they can be swapped out at will simply by completing quests for one or the other. The Perk System provides tons of player agency to create a unique character using the skills they want. In short, there are no rules when it comes to playing Population Zero the way you want.”

Founder packs for the game are live now, ranging from $10 to $50, each with “guaranteed access” to this closed beta (the top package includes alpha access too), among other perks. But do note that the game is expected to soft launch with open beta in 2020, at which point it’ll be free-to-play, so you don’t need to pony up unless you want CBT access and the other goodies.

The new trailer’s down below – check out our pieces on the game so far!

Source: Press release

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Sasha Alex

“the PvP/PvE environment”

Well i’m not a PVP person so i’l pass.


I stopped reading at “action-based combat.”
Shame coz I would love a good scifi game to play again.


Who will buy the packs…if the Population is still Zero


This article plays it down, but this game is open world PvP, with PvE on the side.

Not for me, but others might find this sort of Survival PvP good.

John Artemus
John Artemus

Ah, thanks for that. Because I was all ready to jump onboard. Ten to 15 years ago I would have eagerly played this game when I was really into PvP. But now, not so much. I wish it well, though because I really want to see more SciFi and less fantasy.