The best MMORPG polls of 2015


Every week for the last few years, we’ve expanded on our “Daily Grind” theme with a Leaderboard poll. On the one hand, seeing the numbers and bar graphs is a quantitative sort of magic that we don’t often get from our other articles. On the other hand, it’s really obvious when a certain game’s community is swarming and brigading a vote.

Let’s take a look back at the best MMO polls of 2015.

10. Which Daybreak MMO is most vulnerable?

This was our first poll of the year, and as it turns out, our readers were remarkably prescient. A good 46% of you believed Dragon’s Prophet was doomed, and indeed, Daybreak announced it was letting the game end back in October.


9. Have you gotten married in an MMO?

A staggering 43% of you have tied the knot in an MMORPG, which surprises me. Where’s your hardcore edge, people? Next you’ll be playing Ever, Jane. (And you should be, by the way.)

8. Would you play an MMO with no combat?

You might not all get married, but a full three-quarters of you would gladly play an MMORPG with zero combat whatsoever. Hear that, murder-simulators? We have other interests besides being murder-hobos!

7. Do you like the buy-to-play model?

The Elder Scrolls Online went buy-to-play this year, and 84% of you approve of the model. Sure, you get nickel-and-dimed, but you get nickel-and-dimed in F2P and subscription games too. At least B2P keeps the lookieloos out, right?

6. Would you play a wild west MMO?

A solid 72% of you would. Some of you just want an MMO, any MMO, admittedly. But the the romantic Wild West is an era seldom tapped in the MMORPG genre. Let’s make that happen, devs!

5. How many concurrent players must a title support to be called an MMO?

It’s the question of the decade, isn’t it? And it’s been answered, sort of: More than half of you think a game needs more than 500 concurrent players to be called an MMO.

4. Which of the big four MOBAs is your favorite?

Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, SMITE, and Dota 2 faced off in this poll. Let’s just say that Blizzard really wishes that our vote were the reality!

3. Camelot Unchained vs. Crowfall

Here, we pitted the two major PvP indies of the year against each other. While some of you cheekily voted for both, Camelot Unchained defeated Crowfall handily, but given the number of votes this particular poll accrued, I think it’d be fair to say both communities rose to the occasion.

2. Heavensward vs. Heart of Thorns and Heart of Thorns vs. Knights of the Fallen Empire

Last spring, Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward was the darling of the MMO community, and it defeated Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion by almost half. But by autumn, Thorns’ fortunes were looking brighter, and ArenaNet’s new addition edged out Star Wars: The Old Republic’s KOTFE.

1. Which MMO devs would you like to see in an epic rap battle?

Was there ever any doubt that Chris Roberts and Derek Smart would take this poll? The more pressing question might have been, who would win?

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