Global Chat: Off-the-cuff impressions of Anthem

It goes clicky.

If you like BioWare, high tech eye candy, blowing crap up, or riding the current wave of Hot New Game Releases, chances are that you’ve come across Anthem in the past couple of weeks. The jury is still out on this sci-fi multiplayer shooter, but the opinions are coming from the MMO blogosphere nonetheless.

Anthem is pretty good,” concedes Blessing of Kings. “The core game with Javelins is lots of fun so far. The story and writing is a bit disappointing, but really only because we have such high expectations of BioWare.”

Superior Realities gives it a similar recommendation: “Overall, Anthem is mostly living up to my expectations, for better and for worse. It’s probably not going to down as one of my favourite games of all time, and I’m not sure I’ll stick with it much once I’ve finished the story, but for now, I’m having a lot of fun.”

No, it's still not.

Tales of the Aggronaut: MMO-lite fantasy

“The challenge is still that no one has quite created a version of the Destiny model that works for fantasy games […] In a perfect world someone would take the world of Anthem, the activities of Destiny, the combat of Monster Hunter World, and package them all together in one MMO-Lite that gives me my fantasy fix.”

MMO Bro: Build MMOs for more alts, not less

“Yet always I’m left with the feeling that playing alts is a case of swimming against the current. It’s something nearly every game allows, but which very few actually encourage. It’s never been viewed as a valid playstyle worthy of its own content and systems in the way PvP or raiding might be. And I ask: Why?”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: What should EverQuest 3 even look like?

“Suggesting going back to 1999 feels like trying to get lightning to strike the same spot a second time, only the storm clouds have long moved on. Building something more WoW-like with the Norrath lore might have some draw, if done right.  But is the lore enough of a draw if the game is otherwise just another free to play, cash shop, and loot box clone in the genre?”

Mailvatar: About long-term goals in MMORPGs

“I like having long term goals in the games I play. This wasn’t always the case though. At one point a couple of years ago I’d played mainly SWTOR and The Secret World for quite some time. When I started to play ArcheAge afterwards I was a bit shocked and also disappointed by the large amount of resources necessary to build fairly basic things like a clipper or a small farm cart.”

Yeebo Fernbottom: Adventures in DDO

“I have been having a fun time in DDO for the last few months. It’s still not exactly the most new player friendly game on the market. Infinite build diversity leads to infinite potential ways of gimping yourself, for example. A lot of new players also seem to have trouble making it past the low level game, which may as well be called ‘Sewer, Warehouse and Tomb Adventures.’ However, if it’s a game you have ever enjoyed in the past or have been curious about, now is a great time to jump in. DDO has made remarkable strides in recent years, and with another major expansion right around the corner the future seem bright.”

Going Commando: Rise and Fall of Knights of the Fallen Empire

“The monthly story chapters were… interesting, but not enough to get the flood of more casual players that had jumped back in for KotFE’s launch to stick around. More and more long-time players became disgruntled with the lack of new group content to keep them busy. The story direction itself was also received less and less warmly over time.”

Unidentified Signal Source: Pathfinder Online

“I didn’t find combat very interesting, but I think that’s because I don’t understand it. There are three bars there, blue is stamina, red is health, and I dunno what yellow is. There are a lot of little icons that pop up on that interface in combat that aren’t explained and mean nothing to me. I just end up spamming the main attack ability ad nauseum.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Rolan Storm

“The core game with Javelins is lots of fun so far. The story and writing is a bit disappointing, but really only because we have such high expectations of BioWare.”

Sums up my experience with the game. I’d add load screen times, but that was not really a serious problem. Other than that not much to add.


If you watch Anthem sub-reddit then situation is simply tragic: players teach developers how their game should work (loot quality, drop and stats percentages) and look (stats screen) – on screenshots from other well-known games and sometimes on shopped screenshots from Anthem itself. As if multi-million product was created by a bunch of clueless amateurs.

Hopefully, BioWare and Anthem will survive this crap storm. Core gameplay is way too good to be dumped Andromeda-style.

Dug From The Earth

Should it survive?

Do we really want these game companies that cant seem to get their shit together and make a good game to continue to stay around and put out crap?

This is Biowares second major flop in a row. Its clear that whoever had the magic touch in past successful games, is no longer working there, or involved in the new games they are putting out.

Meanwhile, smaller companies without the resources that companies like Bioware get, are coming out with good games, that could be AMAZING games if they had that budget. Perhaps its time for these once giants to move over and let the new people step in.


Hmm. It’s a catch 22. I want Bioware around. Yes, even now. The studio has gone through some hard times starting with Andromeda. But there are still some devs left that were a part of the original core. And I believe they have the capability to make great games if given a chance.

The problem, as you know, is EA. Their interests are corporate and not necessarily in creating intrinsic value.

Take a look at what they’ve done with Anthem. Under the guise of delivering a service, the released Anthem well before it was ready. It works and is feature ready, but you can see that they are using the service model to bank early and build out the game over time.

The resources spent are Bioware’s in a sense. It is up to that studio and all of its resources to make this new model work. And if it doesn’t? It will be Bioware that pays the price and end up in the EA boneyard just like so many other studios.

So, it’s not the giant that will pay for Anthems failure. It will the smaller group of devs and artists that are considered Bioware. And EA will continue to do whatever it wants.

In truth, the only thing that will get EA’s attention is any disruption in the profitability of their sports franchises and that diabolical card/lootbox system. FIFA made approximately 800 million dollars in microtransactions a couple of years ago and that number has only gone up.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

But there are still some devs left that were a part of the original core.

Maybe they should leave too. For a company which would be more passionate about their games and not affected by large publisher like EA. Someone like CD Projekt Red, or creators of Horizon: Zero Dawn or some new US-based company ;-)

Kickstarter Donor

They actually had a solid title, then some Executive said “rearrange shit so that there is more going on post final mission” and then it turned into a jumbled shit show of mismatched dialogue and out of sequence events and straight cut content (like the Dawn Guard just disappearing without ever being used in the last mission) … Now that I have got the plot line done, shit suddenly works better and the town feels more alive.

Lame … But still functional.


Does this one really fall on EA? The game was in development for 7 years. Does Anthem look like 7 years of solid work out of BioWare? It’s a buggy mess that has a glaring lack of content.

I’m really not seeing this “core” game that people are praising, the gun play is mediocre, and the flying is neat until you realize that you spend 90% of the time flying to the same 3 mission types over and over.

EA’s Origin Premier is the only reason I even tried the game. It definitely isn’t worth a $60 box price.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

players teach developers how their game should work

Yea, posts on Reddit were both amusing and sad at the same time. Especially things like

Dear BioWare….This is the way completing endgame content should look. from AnthemTheGame

(I like the last screenshot from Borderlands – loved those games, best co-op experience I had)

Would like my Loadout screen to show all my stats from AnthemTheGame

As for “a bunch of amateurs” – maybe it’s true. A lot of people has left Bioware over time, especially after ME:A, so maybe they did hire a bunch of college dropouts to replace most of the previous people ;-)


Here’s on of my favorites