Perfect Ten: Major MMO expansions and updates to expect in 2018


Now that we’re almost 1/12th of the way through 2018, it’s probably about time to stop anticipating the year and start experiencing it. We have already looked at MMOs coming this year, multiplayer titles on the way, the current healthiest MMOs, MMO predictions, and the best value games on the market. So what’s left?

Expansions. Expansions and major content updates are what’s left. It might seem a little presumptuous to try to outline what’s coming this year, since many studios still have their long-range plans under wraps, but when we sat down in the MOP office to talk about it, we ended up with a much larger list than anticipated.

So here’s a look at the major MMO expansions and content updates we are expecting and anticipating over the course of this year. After this? You’re on your own, kid.

Elder Scrolls Online: Unnamed chapter

Whether or not you agreed with our MMORPG of the Year award, you have to admit that ESO is really on the ball lately with its content delivery schedule. Zenimax has committed to a quarterly release schedule, three of which will be meaty DLC and the fourth an expansion — or standalone “chapter,” as the studio is calling it. Dataminers think that they have discovered the location for this expansion, although we’re not going to blatantly spoil that here in case you like to be surprised.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Definitely the most well-known and -anticipated expansion that was announced in 2017, Battle for Azeroth will no doubt be whipping up a few headlines this year. With an island theme, new playable allied races, replayable small-group content, PvP warfronts, and a new take on the artifact system, this expansion will have plenty to keep the loyal occupied. It’s most likely coming very late in the fall.

Star Trek Online: Deep Space Nine expansion

Coming this summer, this DS9-focused expansion looks to hit on some of the big races and locales from the show, including the Dominion and Gamma Quadrant. The tagline of the unnamed expansion pack is “Victory is Life.”

Guild Wars 2: Living world season four

With the launch of the fourth season of Guild Wars 2’s living world late last year, we’re most definitely in for a 2018 that will see the remaining chapters release periodically over the months. Our GW2 expert Tina predicts a focus on the Inquest, Palawa Joko, Kralkatorrik, and the mysterious E during the storyline reveals. We might also get a third expansion announcement, but it is looking highly unlikely for a 2018 release.

Lord of the Rings Online: Northern Mirkwood and Minas Morgul

Lots of excitement among Middle-earth fans for Update 22, which will bring the zone of Northern Mirkwood. Hitting up iconic locations like Erebor, Dale, and Laketown will be a nice respite from Mordor, although players will be heading back to the dreaded country for Update 23. Shelob is waiting for us in Minas Morgul, and she is not prepared to be hospitable.

Final Fantasy XIV: Quarterly content releases

The fun begins this month with the release of Patch 4.2, but that should only be the start of the content rollout this year. As the team is dedicated to quarterly releases, three more should be on deck for 2018. What will they contain? Eliot has a few predictions.

Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot: Free-to-play

Broadsword figures that late is better than never with a business model shift, and the studio is taking two classic MMOs into the free-to-play market this year. Ultima Online is prepping a F2P mode with limitations for this spring, while Dark Age of Camelot has its “Endless Conquest” update in the works (as well as an alternative ruleset server!).

Elite: Dangerous: Beyond — Chapter One

Galactic war is brewing, and the stars are becoming a much more deadly place to do business in this exploration-heavy game. The Thargoids are ramping up attacks on humanity this spring in the Beyond — Chapter One story update, but is it the fault of the playerbase that war exists at all?

Star Citizen: A year of Alpha 3

Now that the insanely delayed and anticipated Alpha 3.0 build is in testers’ hands, what’s next for the game? More Alpha 3, baby. Lots more. The developers have committed to a quarterly release schedule for Alpha 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on, at least over the next year. Hopefully the team has a firm foundation in place to build the game of backers’ dreams.

Secret World Legends: Dark Agartha and Season Two

Funcom’s roadmap for this rebooted title promised the first new batch of Secret World content in a long time for late 2017 and early 2018. This content includes a Dark Agartha scenario, a rookie agent system, and the start of Season Two of the epic storyline. The studio’s been very silent on this over the last few months, however.

Black Desert Online: Xbox One ports

According to last year’s E3, ports for Black Desert should be coming this year for both Xbox One and Xbox One X. Time to check out one of the prettiest MMOs on the market!

What are you looking forward to playing this year? Is it an update from this list or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments!

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I’d add Aion 6.0 / Refly to the list, as it is a major overhaul of the whole game and not just some content patch or expansion. Korea got it a few days ago, so if it goes as usually, it should hit NA shores within the next six months, and probably by the end of the year in EU. Not necessarily a good thing as the updates seems to have been fairly controversial in Korea so far, though.

Toy Clown

Out of the list posted, I’m most excited about Secret World getting a content update. This is major!

And of what’s not listed? BDO is getting some major content updates this year as well that I’m looking forward to, with new lands geared toward multi-player and a new class I’m excited about.


If SSG is going back to Mirkwood my question would be why? Mirkwood was the worst expansion they put out and to go back to it they may as well just shut down. Instead of going back to Mirkwood the second expansion they should focus on Mordor.


STO Victory is Life – Definitely my most eagerly awaited expansion this year. I should note, however, that it will most likely not include the long talked about and rumored playable Cardassians. That said, I’m still jazzed about it as I thought the Dominion War was one of the strongest ongoing story arcs in Trek history.

Star Citizen – Forbes contributor Erik Kain’s 2016 prediction for Star Citizen in 2017 was that it still wouldn’t release and still be mired in controversy, and from the looks of things this will hold true for 2018 as well, especially with a major lawsuit now hounding RSI/CIG.

Guild Wars 2 – More of a comment on the living story in general. They somehow slipped past me the last few years and I have been going through them now. They definitely fill in some of the gaps in the story narrative and the associated mini-maps are a welcome addition. My only gripe is that the boss fights at the end of each chapter are often over-the-top difficult, what with Anet’s seeming love affair with quirky boss fight mechanics. That said, it could be worse, it could be post KOTFE SWTOR where major story bosses go down for the count in two or three punches. lol

Secret World Legends – I’ve heard a rumor that the expansion will take place in the Congo, but I’m assuming Massively cannot confirm or deny this.

TotalCowage .

Elite Dangerous…? Major expansions? A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh wait, you’re serious? A-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Sorry, but no. Any faith left in Frontier has gone now. They’ve proven incapable of doing anything but adding extra grinds to the exact same content again and again and again.

“Beyond” so far is a fix to a previous graphic issue with planets, a new ship, the “personal narrative” is just another engineer to unlock via the same materials grind who will sell you different weapons, and the now announced engineering changes themselves made the same grind even worse than before.

And there’s nothing new to do still. Seriously, apart from shooting Thargoids, the only actual gameplay content we’ve had in more than a year is flying a fighter from someone else’s ship to shoot the same old NPcs in the same old instances.

Elite if anything this year looks like it’s going to become one of the unexpected MMO failures more than anything else. Apart from the hopelessly irrational fanboys, the forums are riddled with disappointment or even disgust with the plan for the future.


Last year’s Plains of Eidolon expansion for Warframe seems to have been a success, so I’m hoping to see the next open world area (hinted as being on Venus and “much larger”) sometime this year and with the lessons learned from and systems developed for the first area since that launched it could be even cooler. Especially if we get to hijack fighters (shown as being in development for PoE) in the new area too :)

I’m also looking forward to new content in SWL, but the lack of communication from Funcom means I’m not holding my breath – especially as the roadmap is no longer linked from the front page of the SWL site, so you can only see it if you know the URL or follow a link from someone who does.

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Legend Of Vinny T

Shelob is waiting for us in Minas Morgul, and she is not prepared to be hospitable.

As long as she’s not an anti-hero in Elvira, Mistress of the Dark cosplay, I’ll be happy. [stares down Monolith]

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For what it’s worth, they got questions on this several times at Blizzcon, and answered each time the same, and “Warfronts” will NOT have a PvP mode. They’re basically 20-player raids with some RTS-ish building / rallying / troop leading mechanics. They’re NOT PvP scenarios. Which is a bit daft, and super confusing, considering the entire expansion theme is faction warfare, and these are called “Warfronts.”

So, if you were looking forward to some sort of mass PvP mode like 20v20 PvP-RTS or something, that’s not happening, at least not in Warfronts, and not as part of anything they talked about so far. (Presumably new PvP battlegrounds also are coming, and maybe some of those will have some new and interesting mechanics, but that would be part of any new, undisclosed, ordinary PvP content, it’s not part of the plan for the PvE-only Warfronts.)

The Islands, however, which are 3-man co-op instances, will have several PvE difficulties, ranging up to Mythic, and those WILL have a PvP mode, where you’re pitted against three live players from the other faction, instead of NPC enemies.


Oh look, a MMO list talking about anticipated game updates that ignores Black Desert Online with it’s nearly weekly updates and numerous big content drops to come this year in NA and KR while including non MMOs on the list.

What a surprise.

Dug From The Earth

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I actually scrolled through once more after reading because I was expecting BDO to be there.