The MOP Up: The Division 2 places the Pentagon under siege


A pair of new narrative missions are coming soon to The Division 2, tasking players with liberating the Pentagon and exploring the DARPA research labs. Sounds like top secret stuff!

“These missions take you through the iconic locations of the secret military offices, rooms and hallways of one of the largest office buildings in America,” Ubisoft said. “Searching for the main objective of the Black Tusk within this vast military space is a daunting task.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

The Wizard City Underground is open for business in Wizard101: “Can you solve the Mystery of the Missing Landscaper and deal with what lies beneath? Also in this update: several new features to help your Wizard advance in the world.”

Runes of Magic sez, “Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it some spectacularly spooky days in Taborea! Pick up some frighteningly good prizes in our series of creepy events.”

Get a preview of this week’s Destiny 2 combat sandbox patch, courtesy of Bungie: “In this update, we’ve tightened the curve a bit and split it out over PvE and PvP. This should allow Guardians to keep dunking on combatants for longer while being less oppressive against one another.”

Lineage is serious business on mobile, having grossed more than $4 billion on devices so far.

Black Desert’s Mystic class is finally coming to Xbox One: “This reluctant brawler is an incredibly powerful character that can pummel almost anything into submission.”

Halloween has come to town in Crossout, Otherland, AdventureQuest 3D, and Aion! Also, Riders of Icarus added some Halloween flair, special events, and a Phantasmal Nightshade mount for the season.

“Our goal for creating the Amplifier system was to add an extra level of depth for players to customize their characters,” said the SWTOR team. “Amplifiers provide a mixture of both power and utility, allowing players of all types to build the way they want.”

Meet Rise of Nowlin, a mobile MMO that is “an amazing adventure drawn in Western-style graphics with popular mythical creatures.”

Have you ever been curious how Guild Wars 2’s mounts were made? ArenaNet talked with Rock Paper Shotgun about the creation process.

Online survival game Day of Dragons attempts to convince you why you need it: “On other survival games usually, the progression is built around crafting, such as making a better house, weapons, etc. Since we will all be mythical creatures how will the players progress in this game? Is it becoming an elder dragon or an alpha class creature?”

When this year’s G-Star convention arrives, Netmarble is expected to announce A3: Still Alive, Magic: Mana Strike, Seven Knights Revolution, and Second Country: Cross Worlds.

Secret World Legends spin-off The Park has arrived on the Nintendo Switch.

How many people are playing FFXIV these days? A recent player census found 1.18 million active characters romping through Eorzea.

“Law offices across the West have requested the immediate apprehension of Philip Carlier, wanted for embezzlement and the murder of a fellow employee of the Lemoyne Trading Company,” said Red Dead Online.

PUBG has finally rolled out Patch 5.1: “More loot on Miramar, a scope on the Win94, throwable melee madness, skins, team mechanics, community missions, and more.”

Get in touch with the root of the MMO genre by hearing about this live D&D session and why storytelling is so important:

Get ready for quality of life stuffs in Sea of Thieves:

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