Eight major unannounced MMO projects that are in the works


There’s nothing more tantalizing nor frustrating than knowing that an MMO or MMORPG is in the works but hasn’t been formally announced yet. We see many of these cross our paths here at Massively OP and thought that today might be a good time to compile them together.

What upcoming projects are still under wraps — and what do we know of them so far? Here are eight MMOs that could be your next big virtual home.

Daybreak’s possible superhero MMO

With the EG7 takeover of Daybreak, we’ve once again received confirmation that Jack Emmert’s team is working on a big MMO project in addition to handling DC Universe Online. We do know that it’s based on a major licensed IP and is being developed for PC and consoles. Considering that Emmert and his team have deep experience in developing for superhero games and that Daybreak used to be working on a Marvel title in the past, the speculation is that this MMO will be superhero-themed. In any case, EG7 claims that this is an “AAA” title, so that right there is a reason to get pumped.

We’ll also toss in a mention of an assumed EverQuest sequel, which Daybreak teases as often as it cancels them.

You have to be really bad to get kicked out of here, that's the takeaway.

Riot’s League of Legends MMORPG

While it hasn’t been officially revealed — and probably won’t until next year at the earliest — we know for certain that Riot Games is making an MMORPG set in the League of Legends universe. The project is currently hiring talent and is being headed up by former World of Warcraft developer Greg Street. “It will almost certainly have RPG systems like stats, gear, dungeons. We’re not ready yet to talk about how much it is or is not like other games out there,” Street said in May 2021.

No screenshots yet, obviously.

Raph Koster’s ambitious virtual world

We’re definitely excited to see what Raph Koster (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Crowfall) and his team at Playable Worlds conjures. We first learned of this project in October 2019, and while it doesn’t have a name yet, that hasn’t stopped Koster from unloading manifestos left and right about what he hopes to accomplish in it. Rumor is that this MMO is a huge sandbox that’s so much more than a combat simulator.

Blizzard’s secret multiplayer game

OK, so saying that Blizzard is working on unannounced games is like saying that YouTube comment sections are pointless, but it still needs to be said. There’s at least one project in the works that is a multiplayer online title, which seems to be ramping up development and team size. We’ve been burned before waiting on Blizzard reveals, but that doesn’t stop us hoping for something great.

CCP’s online shooter

Speaking of studios that have burned fan expectations more than once, CCP is always and forever working on other games as EVE Online grows ever-longer in the tooth. According to job postings, the studio is developing at least one MMO shooter, although a second project isn’t out of the bounds of possibility.

ZeniMax’s future games

The success and handling of Elder Scrolls Online has given ZeniMax a lot of confidence in striking out in new territory. We know that the Bethesda-owned studio has a bunch of secret projects in the works, but we’ve been given no solid indication what these may be. However, with the studio already an experienced MMORPG developer, one hopes that it might be looking for a repeat performance.

Jagex’s RuneScape follow-up

There’s no doubt that Jagex has been milking the very large cow of RuneScape for the better part of two decades now, but the studio has had a hard time branching off beyond this IP (Stellar Dawn, anyone?). It’s trying, though, and rumors have persisted for many years now that one or more secret MMOs are being worked on behind closed doors.

Jake Song’s next MMORPGs

We expect big things from Jake Song, who is not only working on ArcheAge 2 but also an unannounced mobile MMORPG for XLGAMES’ new owner Kakao. Song and his team have a whole lot of skill and passion, so it’ll be exciting to see what they come up with next.

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