The MOP Up: H1Z1’s huge PlayStation 4 update

Trash pandas.

Do you remember when H1Z1 used to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, me neither. In any case, gear up and slide behind the wheel of your muscle car, because PlayStation 4 players are about to enter the Outland.

“Outland is the first new map to arrive to H1Z1 on PS4 since launch, and headlines by far the biggest free content update we’ve brought to the game. Featuring greater terrain diversity, iconic landmarks, increased verticality, and a wealth of new and varied POIs, Outland revitalizes H1Z1’s trademark fast-paced, action-packed gameplay for battle royale purists and newcomers alike. The Outland expansion launches on PS4 next week, with more info to follow on PC.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

The winged Kamael race has been added into Lineage II Classic’s hardcore version. Apparently, the devs have changed this so that it’s not gender locked as it was previously.

French destroyers, Italian ships, and other European Union battleships are joining the World of Warships lineup!

Say goodbye to Runes of Magic — in Taiwan, at least, as that server is shutting down.

Wizard101’s latest patch made various adjustments to the Beastmoon Hunt and allowed for battlecoins to persist through zones.

Superhero MMO-in-training Valiance Online spewed out another list of small tasks that it has done internally.

Free-to-play is coming soon to Prosperous Universe, and the team explained how its chat system will give you important tools to keep spammers at bay.

PUBG just pushed out its Season 4.1 update. Its creator said that he’s had to deal with death threats for a while now: “It’s crazy, the hate I receive. I just have to ignore it… I’m very careful about what I share online, and generally all of my details are pretty locked up… I don’t get the thinking behind it. Why are people doing this?”

The Otherland team is hard at work trying to correct a number of small but annoying issues.

The Summoner class has arrived in Korea’s Blade and Soul Revolution! Wait, I should’ve used a “summon” metaphor there. Ah well, can’t fix that mistake. Let’s keep going.

I never thought I’d be writing “epic cupcake war,” but here goes: Fiesta Online is holding an epic cupcake war for its 11th anniversary!

Fortnite’s second birthday is here: “We’re celebrating all over the Battle Royale map with present supply drops, birthday cakes and a gift item you’ll be able to toss to your squad.”

The first wave of seasonal challenges has arrived in Skyforge to keep players busy.

EVE Online is trying to set the stage for the largest PvP fight in the game’s history. That hasn’t stopped it from helping out real-world science and going on a skilling spree.

World of Dragon Nest is taking shape in SEA, with a closed beta on the way:

The next phase of the Thargoid event is live in Elite: Dangerous:

Last Oasis’ first dev blog deals with the issue of traveling in the wastelands:

Want to get an inside look at Hearthstone’s next expansion? Dive into the tombs of Uldum with this video:

A giant crater with a (why not) space shuttle in the middle of it is Crossout’s newest locale:

A moose-man named Big Khan is just what Mutant Year Zero needs to spice things up a bit:

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