Make My MMO: Book of Travels’ early access, Fractured Veil’s Kickstarter victory


Kickstarted “Tiny MMO” Book of Travels landed in early access this month to the confused delight of cozy-game players everywhere. MOP’s own Justin called it “beautiful yet baffling” which seem like fair modifiers for the title. It’s got plenty of testing – at least two years of it – to go before a full launch, so sit tight for more.

Meanwhile, post-apoc survival MMO Fractured Veil finished out its Kickstarter successfully, as more than a thousand backers pledged over $110,000 for the game on the platform. Paddle Creek Games says it’s “gonna be heads-down for a while” working on the build; currently working on updating to Unreal 4.27 and upgrading security and anti-cheat systems.

Finally, Star Citizen couldn’t catch a break; it followed up CitizenCon with a fresh fiasco over its investor payouts as players came up with new “emergent gameplay” griefing tactics.

Read on for more on what’s been up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks, plus our roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following!

Book of Travels

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Fractured Veil

Yes, some crowdfunded MMOs most definitely do succeed. But others crash and burn, and you need to hear about the whole spectrum of games that sought your money early in exchange for the promise of input and transparency. And that’s exactly what Make My MMO does several times a month. Help us keep ’em accountable, would ya?
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