Make My MMO: Embers Adrift vetoes PvP, Zenith launches Skyward Summit


Welcome to another blast of MMO crowdfunding news from the last few weeks! We don’t often hear the word “never” from MMO developers as studios usually like to keep their options open and their players dangling forever. But Embers Adrift didn’t beat around the bush in response to player inquiries about when the game would see PvP. “Never,” was the reply. “It’s not going to be a PvP game.”

Zenith also had a big week, as the VR MMO launched its Skyward Summit update and vowed even faster updates in the future. Desktop client when?

Meanwhile, Elite Dangerous published update 15, we checked in on Dual Universe, Camelot Unchained keeps plodding along, Fractured Veil talked about Hawaiian representation, Star Citizen prepped a free-fly, Ilysia postponed its beta yet again, and Idea Fabrik finished backing away into the bushes.

Read on for more on what’s been up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks, plus our roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following!

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Yes, some crowdfunded MMOs most definitely do succeed. But others crash and burn, and you need to hear about the whole spectrum of games that sought your money early in exchange for the promise of input and transparency. And that’s exactly what Make My MMO does several times a month. Help us keep ’em accountable, would ya?
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