PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has officially launched today; are you playing?


Conventional wisdom says you probably shouldn’t launch a blockbuster video game four days before Christmas, but then conventional wisdom never met PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which emerged from early access at 2 a.m. 3 a.m. this morning while breaking every other rule too, reinventing and popularizing its own genre. Glitchy as hell, big in China, and ridiculously popular on Twitch, the game set records for Steam concurrency and sales even before today’s launch.

It does appear that the game hit some technical snags overnight, bumping into EU server caps, leaderboard bugs, and PC downtime, and crate key confusion. In fact, as I type this, the servers are offline.

Are you playing PUBG?

  • Yep, playing currently. (13%, 15 Votes)
  • Nope, used to play but quit. (16%, 18 Votes)
  • Nope, never played. (68%, 78 Votes)
  • No response / view tally. (3%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 115

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Nope, never played and have absolutely zero interest in playing. Its fun to watch every now and then via Twitch but otherwise not my cup of tea.


I played 3 hours of it. Saw a 12 GB download and uninstalled it.


I’m really happy for everyone who’s enjoying themselves in the game, but it’s not for me. I don’t enjoy survival games in general, and camping-style gameplay was never appealing to me.

A Dad Supreme

Nope, never played. Not my type of game or interest (esportsy stuff)

But I suspect PUBG won’t miss my measly dollars, they are doing just fine.

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I like PUBG more than I liked the Day Z mod, a game that garnered similar world devouring attention. It’s a lot closer to CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, or Payday than a survival game in a persistent world like ARK, Rust, or Conan: Exiles. Consequently, the game doesn’t scratch an itch for me.

Colin Goodwin

Idk how they even have the balls to call this threadbare amalgamation of cheap pieces of games a “finished product” in it’s current state…


I might, but for me in general it’s hard to get into the game without others to play with. I liked what I played when I did a few matches with other folks, but not really sure if it’d be my cup of tea solo.


No. I tend not to like nor participate in the “latest, greatest gaming crazes” whenever they come along.

Cyclone Jack
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Cyclone Jack

Nope, bland FPS does nothing for me these days. Same reason I don’t care for Overwatch or Destiny or whatever generic FPS of the month is.


I enjoy PUBG, but I feel that they decided to call this update 1.0 just because they could and not because the game is actually ready for launch. I’m also not a fan of the fact that they (apparently) got rid of fog and rain maps. I really hope that’s just temporary.